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Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2007  v.July, 2012

Update junk Email filters for Outlook 2007, This update provides the Junk E-mail Filter in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with a more current definition of those characteristics that define certain Email messages as junk e-mail.

Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2003  v.May, 2012

The updates include the latest Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail Filter. The filter uses Microsoft SmartScreen Technology to help determine what Email messages should be considered spam.


Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Windows Mail  v.March, 2012

Update for Windows Mail Junk E-mail Filter, this is definition updates for Windows Mail,

SpamAI Lite Email Filter Software

SpamAI 4 fights spammers with 100% spam rejection. Only email you approve or build rules for is allowed in. You preview unapproved email in a text-only holding tank that immunizes you from all malware. By simple point and click, including a

SpamAI Lite Email Filter Software DRL-3.00.0  v.1.0

SpamAI filters 99% of spam in single-user mode on Windows. Free. Never expires. Adds footer on received email. SpamAI uses spammer evasions to trip them up. SpamAI immediately flags as [SPAM] misspellings such as "vi@gra", invisible images to track

Antispam Marisuite for The Bat!

Antispam Marisuite is easy to use, fast and very efficient spam filter. The setup program takes care of configuring The Bat so you do not need do anything else and email filter begins work effective right after installation. Antispam Marisuite is based on

WFilter Enterprise  v.3.3.198

Monitor, filter and block Internet activities of your network from one computer


Espresso permissions-based email client completely eliminates spam as you define it from your Inbox. Espresso's powerful email filter is based on a sophisticated challenge-response system. All messages from approved and trusted senders are immediately

SpamStopUp  v.PE

SpamStopUp is an Email filter that impactfully blocks unwanted junk Email messages. It filters mail on the fly, working unnoticeably to the user. You can precisely define filtering methods and forget about junk Email messages clogging your inbox.

SpamSquash  v.2.01

SpamSquash is a smart Email filter for POP3 Email clients, such as MS OutLook and Pegasus Mail. It uses two methods: a Bayesian filter, you train, and DNS Block Lists. It also includes a white list for Email you don't want blocked, and a black list,

Camel's Eye  v.rc

Camel's Eye is a powerful POP3 email filter.

The Spam Secretary  v.1.2

The Spam Secretary is an anti-spam email filter based on the article at http://www.

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